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Warranty coverage

reDevice offers 12-month warranty for all phones, allowing You to fix hardware problems that limit phone usage to its full extent. 

How to claim warranty?

1. Please start by filling out the form below
2. Wait until you receive a confirmation email from reDevice with shipping instructions
3. Hand over the phone to the delivery service
4. Wait for an email with diagnostics service conclusion and further instructions

Note: Before the shipment, please make sure that the phone is packed in a way that it can't be damaged during transportation. Please be aware that reDevice is not responsible for any damages caused during the shipment process.

What does the warranty cover?

1. GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi repair
2. Cellular connection repairs
3. Charging port replacement
4. Front & rear camera's (including flashlight) repair
5. Speakers, microphone, sound repair
6. Battery replacement (within the first 3 months of purchase)

What doesn't the warranty cover?

1. Mechanical defects (Cracked screen or back)
2. Fingerprint or iris sensor
3. Apple ID or iCloud lock
4. Water damage
5. Device does not turn on
6. Mechanism cleaning

Warranty terms & conditions

All of these terms apply to all warranty repairs: 
  1. The customer has a right to apply for a warranty in the first 12 months since the purchase.
  2. reDevice is not responsible for any data that's on the phone at the moment of the service's warranty. The customer has to make sure that all the data is copied or stored in a safe place, for instance, on a virtual server or iCloud, before handing over the phone to reDevice.
  3. If at the time of diagnostics, it will turn out that the issue is not covered by reDevice's warranty, the customer will be informed before any further actions are taken.
  4. If more than one diagnostics procedure will be made on the same phone with a resulting conclusion that the warranty doesn't cover the issue, then starting from the second time, the cost of diagnostics is paid by the customer (this clause is here to avoid abuse of our warranty and free diagnostics policy).
  5. By submitting the warranty claim form, the customer agrees that he/she has read the Warranty agreement beforehand and agrees to the Warranty terms & conditions stated here. 


To start the warranty claim process, please, fill out the form below.

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